Waffle maker


With this waffle iron it is now possible to prepare delicious waffles in every household. With this practical waffle iron, waffle lovers can prepare their waffles in the way they prefer, without much effort. The waffle, one of the most popular sweet snacks of all chocolate lovers, can now also be one of their favorite sweet snacks and can be easily prepared at home. In addition to being eaten outdoors, waffles can now be prepared in the comfort of your own home, with a taste that appeals to taste buds of all ages. With this waffle maker you can pamper yourself whenever you want, or you can prepare sweet snacks that your guests will like. The Karaca waffle maker will make you and your loved ones happy as you can find a solution to the crisis of what sweet snack to prepare. The Karaca weapon iron, which can prepare waffles in just four minutes, distributes the heat quickly and evenly over each waffle, thanks to its granite coating, which ensures that no part of the waffle is left unbaked and all parts are heated evenly. If you want to go to your limits, opt for the Funday waffle iron, with which you can prepare kunefa (künefe) and pancakes in addition to waffles. The versatility of this product will add extra color to your kitchen!


How to make waffles at home


To make waffles in the waffle iron, you need to use a batter that you prepared in advance or bought in a ready-made form. The secret to making good waffles lies in paying attention to a few secret points. To keep your dough crispy, consider adding a drop or two of vegetable oil to the machine; this ensures that the dough stays crispy when baking / roasting the waffle. The Karaca waffle iron, with its surface that bakes waffles evenly and at the ideal temperature, helps you achieve the perfect consistency. After you have placed the waffle iron on the right surface and added about a glass of water to the mixture, you can let it boil / bake. To be sure that both sides of the waffle (s) are baked evenly, it is sufficient to wait until the waffles are cooked after closing the lid. You can tell that the dough is done by the steam that comes out of the waffle iron. After this phase, you can easily remove the batter from the waffle iron without having to scrape the surface of the waffle iron. Since this waffle iron is equipped with a special non-stick Teflon surface, you don't have to make any extra effort. If you would like to add even more electric cooking power to your kitchen, please take a look at other Karaca authorized products on our website.


How can you use the waffle meal?


After you have poured the batter mixture you have prepared into the device, you can simply take it out of the device and prepare delicious waffles. With this device, which serves as a toaster as well as a waffle iron, you can prepare other delicacies in addition to waffles. By purchasing the additional pancake and künefe platters that can be used with this waffle maker, you can create more previously unknown wonders in your kitchen. This device, which can be used as a toaster as well as a waffle iron, brings color and variety to your morning and evening meal plan! For an even larger selection of flavors, you can use additional molds with which you can prepare a wide variety of dessert snacks. . With the waffle iron and toaster you can make toast of all sizes and shapes, so you never have to ask yourself whether a waffle iron can make toast again.


How can you clean the waffle iron?


You should wait until this device, which allows you to prepare snacks of different flavors, has completely cooled down. The removable panels can be easily washed with warm water or soapy water. The machine washable (dough) containers can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Waffle maker prices


Karaca has made sure that the waffle maker, which allows you to make snacks the way you want, and which comes in a range of colors to suit your personal preferences, is priced to fit your family budget. After choosing the most suitable model, available in different colors such as gray, purple, pink and red, you can easily prepare delicious waffles in the most convenient way.