Service plate

We have divided our plates into categories in order to highlight the attractiveness of our range of plates and to make it easier for you to decide whether to buy these items. We have grouped them all under 6 main categories: serving plates, dessert plates, porcelain plates, decorative plates, platters and saucers. The plates that can be used for serving are also known as presentation plates. These plates, which make the practical serving of meat and vegetable dishes easier, can be sold as individual pieces or as part of a set. Platter sets are typically sold with 6 or 12 pieces. There are also dinner service models that contain a minimum of 39 and a maximum of 62 items. These sets contain the usual number of parts: 12 serving plates, 12 dessert plates, 12 dinner plates and 12 bowls.


Models of service plates

With various plate series such as Black Gold, Aves, Jungle, Damla and Penne, Karaca helps to give your kitchen a stylish touch. There are also a number of bamboo plates for sale that can be used for service purposes. The larger the number of different types of plates, the clearer the price differences are. Colorful and eye-catching models differ from each other in appearance. The Karaca Black Gold series is dominated by the color black. In the models with checkered or floral decoration, navy blue and white colors are incorporated into the porcelain in a square shape. In the Aves series there is a peacock motif on the plates. In the Romantic series, red and white colors are harmoniously distributed. Flower motifs are worked into the edges of the plates. In the Missy series, floral motifs are incorporated into the edges of the plates. The Esther Gold series with its striking and simple look has managed to become one of the most popular models for dowry and wedding sets. With all these models, the Mai Selçuklu series should not be forgotten. The products in this series are inspired by history. With their turquoise details, they give their users a sense of specialty.


Special Types of Service Plate for those who love extraordinary designs.

The navy blue serving plate with its everlasting design catches the eye with its navy blue lines on the edge of the white plate. When talking about navy blue dinnerware sets we shouldn't forget to mention our selection of Karaca Dama Çiçekli (floral checkerboard) service plates. These models are designed with floral patterns that stand out against a plaid background. This will give your meals a boost. The Starlight series is an ideal choice for those who love floral designs. This series is characterized by an elegant and stylish appearance of all products. Even if the Lady series does not contain any patterns or motifs at first glance, it has a refined, uniform design from bottom to top. Due to its serious appearance, it is one of the most indispensable products in our record range. This series offers you one of the most popular options among all of our plate series. When designing our plates made of high-quality porcelain, quality and robustness are in the foreground. If you want to decorate your meals with colorful plates, you should definitely take a look at the Romantic series. The service plates in this series catch the eye with their red, red and white, black and black and white color variations.

What are the dimensions of the service plates?

The size and dimensions of the plates change depending on their shape. The plates are made in three different shapes: rectangular, triangular and square. Porcelain serving plates have an extremely serious look. A rectangular shape was chosen for these plates. The rectangular service plates are produced in the following dimensions: 30 cm x 45 cm, 17 cm x 34 cm and 19 cm x 26 cm. The square serving plates with their stylish and elegant design are available to users in the following dimensions: 14 cm x 14 cm, 25 cm x 25 cm, 27 cm x 27 cm and 26 cm x 26 cm