Individual cooking pots

Cooking pots are classified according to their material, size, intended use and specific properties. Pots made of a raw material containing clay are called "casseroles". Pans made of cast iron are called "cast iron pans". Pans coated with Teflon are called "Teflon pans"; these pans are non-stick and non-flammable.  Pans are classified by material as cast iron, steel, or granite pans, and then further divided into two groups by depth, deep and (non-deep) shallow pans.

Granite pots

Pots made of granite, a particularly durable material, are extremely resistant to burns and scratches.  The structure of granite, which consists of tiny particles, gives cookware made of this material a certain charm in addition to durability.  The non-flammable, non-stick properties make them the preferred pans for frying food.    The granite pan, which can also be used as a frying pan, offers a long service life, but a special type of frying pan made of enamel is also suitable for frying. Karaca granite pots are mainly produced and sold in 20cm, 26cm and 30cm sizes, as well as other dimensions. The 30cm version is mainly used for preparing rice, while the 20cm and 26cm versions make it easy to prepare soups and sauces. At Karaca, you can discover customized cooking pots that will help you prepare meals in your kitchen and include a wide range of features.

Steel pots

Steel pots offer a shiny look and are also very durable.  Steel saucepans are a popular kitchen utensil that you can use to prepare different types of meals.  These pots, which are made in different sizes, such as 12 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm, 26 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm and 32 cm, allow users to prepare sauces and other types of food in the most practical way. Those who buy Karaca steel pots will continue to use them with complete satisfaction. Karaca Jumbo series, produced in sizes starting from 24 cm, offers cooking pots that become lifesavers at meals with large families. The deep and wide cooking surface guarantees easy handling. In the 28-cm version, you can easily prepare eggplant dishes and other dishes.  
Cast metal cooking pots

Products made of cast metal have a non-stick coating.  This allows you to cook with less cooking oil.  As a result, you will save energy. Cast metal pots, which retain heat longer, help you use less energy when preparing dishes that need to be cooked for a long time, giving you the best taste result. For frying ingredients, the main part of the pans is made of enamel and granite and then reinforced with cast metal. You can use these pans when you have prepared dishes like vine leaves wrapped in olive oil and need to let them cool. The main part of the pan, which is made of cast metal, makes it easier to store cold food in the refrigerator and keep it cool for longer.  Karaca has managed to create a brand identity with its cast metal products that is extremely stylish, practical and eye-catching.

Cooking pots prices

Cooking pots are classified and priced according to the value of the material used to make them, their popularity and sales potential, how long they can be used, and numerous other factors. Among the most popular 20-cm pot models are the Karaca pots made of granite. . Depending on customer preferences, models are available for sale both as part of a set and as individual pieces. To the question of which frying pan is the healthiest choice, we can rightly answer the models made of cast metal. This is due to the fact that they can fry without oil, which is convenient and at the same time helps save energy. The fact that the heat flux coming from the ingredients is reduced, at the same time allows a longer service life