Frying pan sets

If you want to add delicious flavor to your meals, the most effective way is to combine your cooking skills with a stylish frying pan. Karaca's frying pan sets are made with your needs in mind, to make the time you spend in the kitchen more fun and enjoyable. The ease of use reduces the unnecessary time you have to spend in the kitchen and ensures that this time is used as productively as possible. There are different types of frying pans for all types of foods in the kitchen. With crepe or pancake pans you can prepare breakfasts with different types of crepes and pancakes, while with our grill pans you can prepare grilled foods for lunch or dinner. Choose traditional pan styles to keep cooking traditions alive, or let your sense of style do the talking by choosing one of our modern-look pans. You can buy Karaca's frying pan sets that suit your tastes and needs with complete confidence at Karaca.

Types of frying pan sets

The needs of every kitchen and home are different.  Different products are created in response to different needs. Karaca meets every household need with its specially designed frying pan sets. Frying pan sets differ in shape and materials used. There are different frying pan sets for each type of food you prepare. Two-piece frying pan sets are among the most popular options. Instead of buying a single frying pan, you can save money by buying a two-piece set, taking advantage of the best prices on products with Karaca's quality guarantee. The non-stick, non-flammable pans come with a two-year warranty. They can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and are easy to use thanks to their ergonomic handles. If you do not want to use frying pans without lids, we have developed a set of frying pans with a special design for your preferences. They are suitable for use on electric, gas and induction stoves.  Thanks to their non-stick, non-burning properties, you can prepare delicious meals while using your time more productively. If you want to take your cooking experience a step further, check out the cooking sets at Karaca!

Granite Frying Pan Models

Granite is a material that is often used to make kitchen products. Its stylish surface, the flavor it gives to your dishes and the ease of use it guarantees are the main reasons why this material is so popular. The granite pan set has a non-flammable, non-stick surface. The ergonomically designed handles make cooking easier and allow for an attractive presentation. The granite frying pans are coated with granite inside and out. Due to the properties of the materials used, they are not suitable for induction stoves. Thanks to the special non-stick surface, quick and easy cleaning is guaranteed.  If you choose the Karaca Gris Biogranite Frying Pan and Flat Frying Pan/Heating Plate Set, which is made of special materials, you can have a frying pan as well as a flat frying pan/heating plate, which you can use to prepare delicious breakfast snacks and sauces.

How should I care for my granite frying pan?

Granite frying pans are delicate cooking utensils that are made of special construction. There are a few points to pay attention to in order to treat them gently and thus prolong their useful life. Frying pans made of granite are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. In case of stubborn stains, you can gently rub the spot with a sponge, using a detergent that does not contain strong chemicals, before putting the pan in the dishwasher.  It is not recommended to let the frying pan come into contact with water directly after removing it from the stove top.   Sudden temperature changes can cause damage to the granite construction of the cookware. Therefore, make sure that the frying pan does not come into contact with water before it has cooled down. Avoid contact or friction with strong metal objects to prevent abrasions and scratches.  You can buy the granite pan set you were looking for at Karaca