What is Fine Pearl?

Karaca Fine Pearl dinnerware has emerged as a result of 4.5 years of work. The change that has not been made in the raw material of dinnerware for about 230 years, Karaca made a change after 230 years and implemented Fine Pearl, which it produces with real pearls. Fine Pearl is one of the most valuable dinnerware in the world with the pearl used in its production. The production stages of Fine Pearl, which also contains quartz, kaolin and feldspar and completely fills its quality with its zero-porous structure, require a delicate process that will make even the most delicate works of art jealous. Pearl, which is added to the raw material together with kaolin, gives the dinnerware a thin and transparent appearance.

Karaca has made many innovations with Fine Pearl in accordance with the needs of kitchens. By carrying out the largest ethnographic research conducted in Turkey, innovations were made in the content and dimensions of the dinnerware for the needs. It has been made available as an hors d'oeuvre plate or a starter plate when desired by increasing the depth of the oval plates and the size of the dessert plates for rich sauces and juicy dishes in our culture.

Fine Pearl has been evaluated as 1 out of 5 on the anti-scratch scale by TÜV Rheinland International Standards Certification and Audit institution in terms of surface durability. So Fine Pearl got the best rating. Thanks to its surface strength, it is an indication that metal materials such as forks, spoons and knives do not affect the surface. In addition, thanks to its surface strength and smoothness, it does not carry the smell of detergent in washing. What you eat and drink does not stay on the surface of Fine Pearl. Thus, flavors are not carried over from one service to another.

Karaca has prepared the groundwork for perfect tables by considering our health, and has been designed for you to share the elegance of pearls on the most valuable tables.