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Can I get information about payment options?

Payment by Credit Card:
You can pay conveniently and securely with your credit card while shopping. You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, Maestro credit cards. Your credit card will only be used during payment.

When I return the product, will there be a deduction from the full refund?
When you return your product, the entire price for the purchased products is refunded.

Is it safe to do shop online with a credit card at Karaca?
Your credit card information is encrypted with the SSL. Thanks to this high security-standard, shopping with a credit card is secure at Karaca.

If you wish, you can use the 3DS authentication when completing your order. Authentication ensures that credit card transactions on the Internet can be secured using special encryption methods.

You do not need any additional software for these steps. Both registered and unregistered customers are automatically redirected to the bank's website during the payment process. To complete the order, please follow the steps provided here.

What should I do to return products I bought online?

You can return all products that meet the conditions of return unconditionally within 14 working days from the date of delivery. To return your order, you can log into your account and select the order you want to return or some of the products in your order from the "My Orders" section. Then follow the steps on the page to create your return request. With the return shipping code we will provide, you can send us the products without shipping fee. Once we receive the returned items, we will take action, and your refund will be processed within 14 days.

Click on Easy Refund
Log in from My Orders or Order Tracking pages click on the easy refund button
Get the Return Label
Choose the product you will return and the reason why, download the return label
Take package
Put products with the same return label in one package
Give It To The Cargo
Deliver the product to the shipping company that was sent with the return label

How long does the refund of returned products take to show up on my bank account?

Once we get the products you returned, you will be refunded within the next 14 days with the same payment method you made. Reflection of the credit card refund process is realized within the period determined by your bank. You can find out more by calling your bank. Thank you for your understanding.

What should I do if I get a different product from the one I ordered?            

We are so sorry for the confusion we have caused. If you experience such a situation, please kindly inform us through the request form on our site. You can return the wrongly shipped products without charge with the return shipping code we provide.

How can I cancel my order?

A completed order can not be cancelled. As long as the order has not yet been packed, you can cancel it and reorder if necessary.

How to cancel in the customer account:

1. Open your my orders in the customer account.

2. Select the order you would like to cancel.

3. Cancel the entire order via "cancel order" or cancel individual items via "cancel article" and follow the further steps on the screen.

4. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail if the cancellation was successful.

The order can not be canceled anymore? 
Orders can only be canceled as long as the menu items "cancel article" or "cancel order" are active.

The unwanted items you can free us of receipt within 100 days return .

If your address has changed and your parcel can not be delivered, it will be returned to us as a return and you will be refunded the purchase amount .

Your order was canceled unintentionally? 
We're sorry. It may happen that an item is already sold out, but is still displayed as available in the shop. In very rare cases, the order is then canceled by the system again.

My order was canceled without my request; what should I do?

We are very sorry for the situation you experience. In some exceptional cases, orders may be canceled by the system when products are out of stock. The amount of the canceled order will be credited to your account.

When will I receive my order? / How long will my order be delivered?

The delivery time may vary depending on the place of arrival and the availability of the assortment of goods.

How much will I pay for shipping?

We charge a standard shipping price of 4,99€ within Germany and 19,99€ for all European countries.

How do I track the delivery status of my order?

When you are logged in to your account, you can follow the current status of the order you want to know the delivery status from My Orders page with Order Tracking. In addition, you will be notified by the shipping company by SMS and e-mail when your order departs for delivery.

How do I get my product if I was not at my address when my order arrived?

If your order arrives and cannot find you at home, it will be delivered to the nearest branch of the shipping company. You can get your parcel from the branch within 3 working days. If you do not get your parcel, it will return to us, and a new shipping fee will be charged to you if you wish to receive it again.

What should I pay attention to when I receive my order?

Before accepting your package, you should check if it has been torn, crushed, or soaked. The delivery personnel will assist you in case of any problems with the cargo package or its contents. In such a case, you should not accept the package and request the delivery personnel to report the damage. Report of damage will speed up your transactions during the refund process.


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